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Since opening its doors in 1975 as “Carpet Warehouse”, Russell’s Carpets has been a rock-solid fixture of the retail landscape in Ridgefield. The folks at Russell’s have been covering the floors of Ridgefield for so long that there are families in town whose parents as well as grandparents have also had their floors carpeted by Russell’s. As a matter of fact, Russell’s has been in business longer than the combined total of all of its competitors. And one of the constants throughout most of this time has been owner Herb Lowe. Herb started working at Russell’s part time when he was in high school in the late 1970’s. By the early 1980’s Herb was working full time for the store learning every aspect of the business and performing every job. His passion for carpeting and helping people make their floors look spectacular led him to ownership of the business in 1992. More than 20 years later he is still active on a daily basis in the business lending his deep expertise on floor coverings to anyone who needs it.

Herb has seen many changes in the carpet business since he started as an installer for Russell's Carpet Warehouse all those years ago but attributes the success of the business to the loyalty of his customers, the quality of the materials he handles and the expertise of the installers. "The difference between an average installation and an excellent one can make all the difference, particularly in the long run," Herb says. As they start down the path towards 50 years, the folks at Russell's Carpet look back fondly on the years when Ridgefield was a little less hectic, but look forward to continuing the friendly, small town atmosphere of their store. In the end, however, Herb Lowe believes that the quality of the carpets and his reputation for highly skilled installations is what really has been the secret of success for these 40 years. .

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